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picture of CPU and console of IBM 1130
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The IBM 1130 is a small (floor-standing desk size) computer released in the mid-1960s. It was intended for business and scientific use.

The original press release is available, as is the technical press release.

I'm effectively finished with the IBM 1130 Functional Characteristics manual now. I can see doing further proof-reading, and maybe rebuilding more of the graphics from scratch. If you have specific requests, please let me know. As it is, I'm looking at the weblogs and checking the images which are most viewed.

I'm done with IBM 1130 Disk Monitor System, Version 2, Programming and Operator's Guide. There are a few indicies I decided not to do. If you want them, request them specifically.

Someone (you know who you are) wanted better pictures of the 1130, so I've found and posted an "ad" I did as an assignment for print shop in high school. Hey, the darn thing kept breaking. As of 1982, this wasn't too surprising.

More IBM 1130 sites

This little (for 1965!) machine has a few web sites dedicated to it on the web. logo
which has a simulator,
among other things
Google Groups
Visit this group
Just do a
Google search.
The Vintage Computer Forum IBM itself has created an IBM 1130 web page with details unavailable elsewhere.

Annoyingly, IBM seems to have produced a printer with the 1130 model number at some point. Many Google matches come up for this printer's supplies. Shame on you, Big Blue! You had lots of other numbers you could have used.

Related issues

IBM lawyers: please e-mail me if there's something I'm doing which IBM would prefer me to either not do, or do differently. I'm not into copyright violation. I am into documenting the machine this page is about.

If you are or were on an 1130 project team, please contact me as listed below.

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